ProFlexen or ArthroNEO which product works better against painful joint diseases?

ArthroNEO against arthrosis
Arthrosis or arthritis is when the bone lubrication in the joints and bone density decreases.

Since the joints are frequently moved, they rub against each other and with little or no bone lubrication, these movements become very painful.

In old age, the body produces less collagen and peptides, which is the reason for these signs of wear. Surgical procedures and injections can replace bone density, synovial fluid and cartilage.

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However, there are hardly any people who would like to undergo surgery. The recurring pain can be treated with painkillers and physiotherapy. However, the limitations remain in mobility.

The remedies Proflexen and ArthroNEO should help to restore mobility and make the joint pain disappear.

In the following we take a closer look at the two preparations.


Arthroneo Spray Effect

What is the effect of ArthroNEO? Arthroneo is a spray for purely external application. The Arthroneo spray is intended to provide the human organism with the building blocks lost through arthritis.

Collagen is to be rebuilt by spraying on, the blood circulation is to be improved and the metabolism is to be accelerated. In addition, the density of the bones is to be ArthroNEO improved and the cartilage regenerated.

The spray should be sprayed regularly over a longer period of time.

We doubt the positive effect of Arthroneo arthritis. In rheumatoid arthritis or if the inflammation has already destroyed the cartilage, external sprays or ointments unfortunately have no effect at all.

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Effect of Proflexen

  • Proflexen accelerates the regeneration of bones and joints thanks to its joint strengthening formula and a high concentration of glucosamine.
  • It penetrates deeply into muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments and restores damaged joints and cartilage.
  • It slows down degenerative changes and reduces pain, thus increasing mobility.
  • The addition of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid protects the cartilage from overloading and increases the suppleness of the joints.
  • The elasticity is restored and the bones no longer rub against each other.
  • The anti-inflammatory effect prevents stiffness, pain and friction of the joints.

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Arthroneo Application

Arthroneo is to be sprayed onto the painful areas over a longer period of time. According to the manufacturer, the drug only develops its effects through prolonged and regular use.

One cure Proflexen pack contains 60 capsules. She’ll last for a month. The recommended daily dose is 2 capsules, preferably taken 30 minutes before meals with about 300 milliliters of water.

What are the advantages ProFlexen?

Proflexen convinces by the extraordinarily positive interaction between the natural ingredients.

  • The remedy enables to regenerate the joints
  • Eliminates pain
  • Allows full mobility to be regained
  • Proflexen does not damage internal organs
  • Strengthens the cartilage tissue of the joints.
  • Back and joint pains are already treated after the first application soothed.
  • The muscles are strengthened.
  • The production of the natural synovial fluid is increased by 120% heightened

Where to buy

ArthroNEO :
The drug was apparently only sold for a short time. It is no longer available in Germany. We can only speculate about the reasons for this.

Where to Proflexen buy?

Proflexen can be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website.

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ArthroNEO experiences

During our research we ArthroNEO found no experience reports. The drug was apparently only sold for a short time. Product test we also could not find any.

Are there already experiences Proflexen?

The preparation has already been rated very positively by hundreds of satisfied customers.

Agnes, 55 years old reported: There is no other supplement so effective. I have tested many means, but only here with this I notice the difference! At work I spend many hours in front of the computer and have so far complained about back pain, knee pain and wrist pain. I’m taking Proflexen three months now and it’s a fantastic feeling. Don’t hurt me!

Angela, 25 years old writes: Proflexen helped me regain my self-confidence and full mobility. I Proflexen started because my joints got stiff when I walked down the stairs. The result of many years of work as a saleswoman. Now I can enjoy the full life again.

Roland, 29 years old: Running is part of my life. I love it and I am very happy with it. Proflexen supports my knees even during the longest runs. I have the impression that injuries do not occur as often as before. I definitely recommend it to any active person.

Arthroneo experiences Some customers already noticed a result within the first week. Your movement pain subsided and your mobility improved. People with joint problems who are taking the drug have often tried many other medications and Proflexen are often their last attempt to get the problem under control. They report that they notice an alleviation of the painful inflammations already after a short time. They are very satisfied with the product and would definitely recommend it to others.

Proflexen also helped you regenerate the cartilage and synovial fluid.

It is also excellent for long-term treatment of arthritis or osteoarthritis. Further experience reports in the Internet praise the product in the highest tones. For most users, ease of use is very important. They have all achieved good results with joint problems.

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Ingredients of Proflexen

The strength of this ProFlexen is its natural and effective action for healthy joints and good bone consistency.


UC-II – is not denatured, untreated collagen type II, it has been used in clinical studies with test subjects. The positive effect has been confirmed both in healthy people in prophylactic use and in people with degenerative joint diseases. In both cases, the use of UC-II was more effective than the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin alone. (Not Arthroneo included in)

Frankincense extract

Boswellia serrata extract
Boswellia serrata extract from the incense plant. Frankincense is a plant of the balsam tree family that comes from India. It promotes and supports the free mobility of the joints. This extraordinary effect is based on boswellic acids. A regular treatment with the extract of the plant noticeably improves joint flexibility and provides for a generally better well-being. The extract is traditionally used in Indian medicine to treat inflammation and pain in joints, the spine and upper respiratory tract catarrhs. (Not Arthroneo included in)

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Vitamin C

vitamin CIn order to produce the right amount of collagen, vitamin C is a key element and essential for the strengthening process of the tendons. The ingredient vitamin C works actively together with glucosamine and hyaluronic acid. One study showed that the use of vitamin C in Proflexen the transport of collagen to the tendons increased by 70% and reduced the risk of tears in the tendons. It Arthroneo does not contain this active substance.

Turmeric rhizome extract

Rhizome of turmeric The turmeric plant is cultivated in India and other tropical countries. They’re also called Zohara turmeric. It is a perennial that is honoured for its curcumin content. Turmeric supports the maintenance of healthy bones and joints. (Not Arthroneo included in)

Rhizoma Zingiberis extract

Rhizoma ZingiberisThe Zingiberaceae belongs to the ginger family and is used in the traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine.

It promotes joint mobility and prevents morning stiffness.


manganese Together with zinc, it helps to maintain healthy and strong bones. Manganese is a very important trace element and vital for our body. It ensures healthy and strong bone formation, activates important enzymes, forms glycose and melanin. Manganese also makes dopamine a neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy. (Not Arthroneo included in)


Glucosamine is an important building block for cartilage, joints and connective tissue. Glucosamine contributes to the regeneration of damaged cartilage. Through research it has been possible to extract the ingredient in a highly concentrated form. Due to its high concentration, glucosamine reduces the symptoms of a degenerative disease. It inhibits damage to the joints and eliminates pathogens. Studies have shown that glucosamine inhibits the enzymes that damage cartilage and protects against inflammation.
It Arthroneo does not contain this active substance.

Further ingredients are chondroitin, MSM, Papain, Bromelain, Zinc and Selenium. (Not Arthroneo included in)

The composition of the active ingredients makes the product an anti pain, anti arthritis and anti rheumatoid solution. The combination ensures fast and sustainable results.

Constituents ArthroNEO

In the following the ingredients of are described in more Arthroneo detail:
Arnica Montana The Arnica Montana contained in the ArthroNEO spray is a plant from the family of the composite flowers and grows in European low and high mountains.

castor oil The castor oil Arthroneo contained in it is obtained from the seed of the castor oil communis, also known as the miracle tree.

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lavender oil Lavender oil is extracted from the flowers of the lavender plant. It consists of more than 150 different substances. It helps with sleep disorders and depression.

camphor Also camphor is Arthroneo included. Camphor is extracted from the camphor tree. It is a colourless solid with a strong aroma. Camphor contains many terpenes. Camphor relaxes the muscles and also occurs in bath additives.

In rheumatoid arthritis or if the inflammation has already destroyed the cartilage, external sprays such ArthroNEO as ointments unfortunately have no effect at all!

valuation winnerWhy is it Proflexen so popular?

  • Proflexen restores joint mobility and relieves joint pain.
  • In contrast to this ArthroNEO , the effect occurs very quickly.
  • The preparation contains the active ingredient glucosamine, which promotes the regeneration of damaged cartilage and helps to regenerate.
  • The preparation helps the body to produce the natural synovial fluid to 120% to increase.
  • It strengthens the joints, ligaments and spine.
  • If you do not have arthritis problems yet, the product can be used for prevention.

Fields of application

Arthroneo signs of wear in the musculoskeletal systemThe product Proflexen is ideal for people with arthritis or osteoarthritis who want to restore their mobility and heal the painful joint inflammation.

In addition, the preparation works Prevents signs of wear in the musculoskeletal system. The product is suitable for all people with musculoskeletal problems.

ArthroNEO vs. ProFlexen


Our rating winner is called Proflexen.

In contrast to this, the remedy ArthroNEO works from the inside out. The ingredients glucosamine in combination with UC-II, manganese, zinc, selenium and vitamin C can regenerate the joints, the muscles are strengthened and the cartilage is restored in gel form. Moreover, in contrast to ArthroNEO very fast. Numerous field reports confirm the positive effect.
The preparation consists of 100 percent effective natural active ingredients and helps against any kind of problems in the musculoskeletal system. It can also be used preventively. Proflexen can save people with joint problems painful interventions and operations.

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  • Quality
  • Effect
  • Ingredients
  • Price
  • Application


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