Development of fungal infestations on feet and nails

ClearFungan against nail fungus

In science the nail fungus is known under the term onychomycosis. The word part Onycho means nail and the term mycosis indicates a toenail fungus. Especially people with a weak immune system, overweight, varicose veins, diabetes or people who have to take antibiotics are endangered by the fungal infection. You can also catch it in a sauna or swimming pool. The mushroom thrives above all in a warm, humid environment.

Synthetic substances that prevent perspiration from evaporating can also be very beneficial for fungal infections. Even if someone within a family suffers from a fungal infection, there is a risk of infection for the remaining family members.

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The fungal disease is caused by the fungus Trichophyton and the fungus Microsporum. These penetrate into the skin surface through food, drinks, spokes or injuries. This experiences a strong irritation, which can lead to itching and pain. The tissue is damaged and a strong odour develops. The itching in particular is very unpleasant and painful for those affected.

Signs of athlete’s foot

nail fungusThe following signs are typical of a fungal infestation of feet and nails:

  • The skin surface is inflamed and reddened and the nails can turn whitish.
  • Unpleasant skin tensions arise.
  • She burns and itches.
  • Bubbles, skin cracks and skin flakes can form.
  • Strong, unpleasant foot odour develops.
  • the skin tissue swells up and is moist.

Risk of infection with fungal infections

Everyone can get infected with fungi on his feet and nails! The risk of infection is particularly high for the following persons and under the following conditions:

  • For people who suffer from diabetes or neurodermatitis
  • Who do a lot of sports and therefore sweat a lot
  • Who often visit a sauna or a swimming pool
  • Who live in warm areas with high humidity
  • The air-impermeable shoes and wear for people with poor foot hygiene.

Nail fungus treatment

The fungal infection can be combated in different ways. Most methods are not permanently effective. During an antifungal nail surgery, the nail is completely removed from the nail bed. The procedure is associated with severe pain. A lasting success is not sure, because the nail can grow back unhealthy. In traditional medicine, only the symptoms of the fungal disease are treated, but not the fungus itself is removed. Also pharmaceutical creams are not very effective in the treatment, because after the application of the cream, the fungus usually comes back.

Treatment with Clearfungan

Why is the product so popular?


The product offers effective protection against fungal infections of the foot and nail. It is very caring to the skin tissue. Thanks to its gentle action, it is also suitable for children, diabetics and allergy sufferers. The product is manufactured in Germany and eliminates 99.9 percent of all relevant foot fungal pathogens. The Clearfungan effect is based on the novel electrolysis process (ECA technology), which can develop its full power in bacteria and fungi on skin tissue and nails.

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The product offers lasting protection against onychomycosis and can also be used without restriction for existing fungal infections. Although it is very mild, it removes pathogens effectively and without pain. It does not dry out the skin tissue, but stabilizes and regulates the affected skin tissue. It protects against the pathogens of fungal infestation after visits to the sauna or swimming pool. The spray can be used without time limits.

What’s the Clearfungan effect?

Clearfungan effect

The highly effective solution contained in the agent is produced from salt and water by a special electrolysis process known as ECA. After the treatment the solution disintegrates again into the natural raw materials. The product does not contain alcohol. The mineral salt and the water make the product very environmentally friendly. It does not contain any organic chemistry. Therefore, it is very well tolerated by the skin and can be used indefinitely. The environment is not polluted during manufacture, use or disposal. Due to the ECA technology, the product is very well tolerated by the skin and mucous membranes. It is pH neutral and non-allergenic. It does not dry out the skin and is effective against all relevant pathogens. Products with ECA technology have no toxic effects on humans, animals and plants. Resistances are excluded. After the application they decompose into the natural raw materials, water and mineral salt.

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Clearfungan constituents

Clearfungan constituents
ClearFungan IngredientsThe Clearfungan ingredients are: Water, sodium chloride, less than 0.1 percent sodium hypochlorite, magnesium oxides.


The product is only used externally. Before Clearfungan use, the feet should be thoroughly cleaned and then dried. Then the agent is applied and left to take effect. It should be used three times daily on both feet. When the athlete’s foot or nail fungus has subsided, the remedy should be used for a further two weeks. Do not forget to always use fresh socks and also to disinfect the shoes so that a renewed infection can be counteracted. To prevent foot and nail fungus, dry feet can be thoroughly sprayed with the product after a visit to the sauna, hotel or swimming pool. It should take some time to take effect and dry. For existing fungal infections, the dry feet and the spaces between the toes should be completely sprayed two to three times a day. Even then, the product should act and dry.

What are the advantages Clearfungan?

Clear Fungan Spray

The advantages of Clearfungan are as follows:

  • The product effectively eliminates 99.9 percent of all relevant pathogens.
  • It offers optimal prophylaxis against fungal infections on feet and nails.
  • It reduces unpleasant odours.
  • The annoying itching and inflammations are reduced.
  • The product has a protective and caring effect.
  • Thanks to the spray, the active ingredients are well distributed without having to be rubbed in.
  • The application is very simple.
  • The product is manufactured in Germany.

Any Clearfungan side effects?

As the product is only used externally, there are no known side effects and no interactions with other products. The product was tested in Germany and classified as “very well tolerated”. It can also be used by diabetics and allergy sufferers without concern. The product contains no alcohol and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Where to Clearfungan buy?

The product can be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

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Clearfungan set

A bottle of spray costs €39.99 at these shops. If you order two bottles of spray, the price is €79.98, but you will get another bottle of spray for free. Also the purchase of three bottles of spray is worthwhile for you. Three bottles of spray cost €119,97 and you get another two bottles for free. The delivery takes place without forwarding expenses. If you decide within 14 days not to use the product after all, you can return it unopened and the full purchase price will be refunded. You bear the costs for the return shipment.

What is so special about Clearfungan?

The product is completely natural, biodegradable and has a fast effect. It eliminates 99.9 percent of all foot fungal pathogens, but is gentle on the skin tissue and nails. The product can be used over a longer period of time and can even be used by diabetics, allergy sufferers.

Clearfungan Experiences

There are many people on the Internet who have had positive Clearfungan experiences. The Clearfungan spray is a new product against athlete’s foot. The ratings you can find are all very positive. In many cases, the users were able to detect an improvement in the fungal infection within a short period of time.

Examples: Birgit writes: I’ve been using it for three weeks Clearfungan now and the fungus has completely disappeared. I’m so happy!!!!!

Erich reports: I’ve been fighting athlete’s foot for a long time because of my diabetes. With conventional means I could only achieve short-term successes. Since I Clearfungan use, I finally have peace.

Antonias experiences with Clearfungan: By nail fungus I got ugly feet. I’d like to hide them if I could. I don’t go to the swimming pool anymore, although I love swimming. I am very ashamed… The nails have no shine and on the edge are so strange disgusting rough places. Since I have been using the spray, I have noticed a significant improvement. The nails look healthier again. I am curious how this will develop. It’d be really nice if I could go swimming again soon.

What can be Clearfungan used for?

Clearfungan should not be missing in any medicine chest. Clearfungan is a highly effective remedy for foot and nail fungus prevention. It is very easy to use as it is simply sprayed on the areas affected by the athlete’s foot. It can be used with existing foot nail fungus as well as for prophylaxis. The fungi are prevented from spreading and killed in a gentle way with natural ingredients.

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