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Diamelin or Diaremedium which remedy is better for diabetes?

Diaremedium blood sugarDiabetes, or as it is popularly called, diabetes, affects patients throughout their lives. More and more people in Germany are suffering from diabetes. They must learn to live with the measurement of blood glucose levels with test strips and the corresponding diabetes therapy with a renunciation of sugar.
In modern medicine, lowering blood glucose levels is usually only possible with medication and adherence to a strict diet without sugar and a diet with few carbohydrates. For the patient this means considerable restrictions and changes his whole lifestyle.
Let’s take a Diaremedium closer look at the two Diabestes drugs Diamelin :

What’s the matter Diamelin?

Diaremedium Bewerungs winner Diamelin The preparation is manufactured in Germany and has been tested by the Office for Food Safety.

The innovative composition contains vitamins, minerals and natural plant extracts in combination with bacterial cultures.

This offers Diamelin a completely new possibility for a healthy metabolism.

The body’s immune system is strengthened.

The ingredients also help to clean the body of toxins. The drug was
specially developed for diabetics.

What’s the matter Diaremedium?

diaremedium PatchThe remedy DiaRemedium is simply a sticking plaster that is stuck under the feet.

There it shall unfold its effect. It is said to cause a permanent lowering of blood sugar levels within 3 weeks. This information doesn’t sound very serious.
Unfortunately, we could not determine who the manufacturer of Diaremedium is.
In addition, it appears that Diaremedium the market has been withdrawn throughout Europe. We know nothing about the reasons and we can only speculate here.

Why is it Diamelin so popular?

Diamelin is mainly very popular because it is easy to use for diabetes and is also purely herbal. The ingredients are formulated to help patients with diabetes initiate an individual healing process. It contains vitamins, minerals and natural plant extracts in combination with bacterial cultures.
This offers Diamelin a completely new possibility for a healthy metabolism. The remedy soothes, has a preventive effect and influences the whole course of diabetes. The blood sugar level is normalized and a glucose measurement or diabetes therapy could soon be a thing of the past. The drug works on both types of diabetes.

Nevertheless, a healthy and balanced diet with little sugar and carbohydrates is important.

Diamelin constituents

The natural herbal ingredients of the product have many positive health benefits for the human organism.

Diaremedium natural ingredientsThe Diamelin Complex contains an exclusive formula of valuable natural ingredients in organic quality:

  • It contains 26 valuable and optimally dosed micronutrients.
  • Vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • L-Arginine and L-Carnitine, Taurine and Q10
  • Important Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • 7 selected active microorganisms
  • 6 different plant and herbal extracts:

Cinnamon bark extract, bitter melon extract, curcuma root extract, Ginger root extract, fenugreek seed extract, grape seed extract (OPC).

Here more information about the product!


  • chrome helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.
  • EPA/DHA and thiamine supports normal heart function. The effect occurs with a daily intake of 250 mg EPA/DHA.
  • Folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12 contribute to normal homocysteine metabolism. Vitamin B6 and B12 contribute to the normal production of red blood cells (erythrocytes).
  • zinc contributes to normal fatty acid, carbohydrate and acid-base metabolism and to normal protein synthesis.

The latest scientific findings about the importance of the balance of the intestinal flora and digestion are incorporated into the recipe of this nutritional supplement with the addition of 7 important leading germ strains.

These are: Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus grasseri, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus reuteri

The Diamelin multivitamin micronutrient concentrate is highly dosed and supports healthy metabolic processes.


What’s the DiaRemedium effect?

DiaRemedium effectWe are not aware of any studies or clinical evidence about the DiaRemedium effect. Diaremedium promises people who suffer from high blood sugar the possibility of treating their disease without chemically manufactured medicine. The patches are applied to the sole of the foot and the active ingredients are then absorbed into the bloodstream and the entire body. This is intended to lower and normalise the blood sugar level in a type 1 or type 2 diabetic.

In addition, the ingredients of the adhesive DiaRemedium plaster are supposed to reduce shortness of breath, feelings of numbness, memory disorders and the frequent urge to urinate. In order to improve the result, the plaster should be massaged into the sole of the foot for one to two minutes after application.

The adhesive Diaremedium plaster should remain on the sole of the foot for at least eight hours. After that it can be removed. The herbal mixture on the patch penetrates into the skin and is distributed throughout the organism via the blood circulation.
The herbal active substances of the plant are Diaremedium supposed to strengthen the blood vessels and lead to a normalization of blood pressure as well as to a strengthening of the heart. It is promised to lower both blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
These statements do not sound serious to us and, as far as we have been able to ascertain, are not supported by any evidence.

What are the advantages Diamelin?Diaremedium Advantages Diaremin

  • The product is easy to use and very suitable for everyday use.
  • The manufacturer has stood for best quality and satisfied customers for 18 years.
  • Diamelin is manufactured in Germany and has been tested by the Office for Food Safety!
  • Protects against oxidative stress
  • Ensures a healthy metabolism
  • Strengthens vision and the nervous system
  • Provides a normal blood sugar level
  • Increases vitality and reduces fatigue
  • Supports cardiac function and blood circulation in the blood vessels
  • Scientifically proven
  • The application brings the hormonal balance of the body in order.
  • The walls of the blood vessels and the heart are strengthened, which normalizes blood pressure.
  • The cholesterol level is lowered.

The drug also has a positive effect on other accompanying symptoms of diabetes

Preserves sight

Provides a good foot feeling and balance

Reduces the constant urge to urinate

Provides more quality of life and energy.

Here more information about the product!


DiaRemedium constituents

According to the packaging, it consists Diaremedium of the following ingredients:

These ingredients are:


  • Angelica Sinsensis (Chinese angelica) Angelica Sinensis, the so-called female ginseng, is mainly used by the Chinese to improve diseases and inflammations. Infections, exhaustion and other symptoms associated with high blood sugar levels are combated. The plant has been used in TCM for thousands of years and has also gained popularity in Germany.
  • Radix Pueraria (Kopou bean) This is an isoflavone used for the treatment of diarrhoea, deafness, dysentery and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Radix Rhemanniae (Rehmannia root bulb) Radix Rehmanniae consists of six plant genera occurring in China and is used there against arthritis.
  • Radix Paeoniae Rubra (Peony) Radiy Paeoniae Rubra has long been used in TCM for the treatment of high blood sugar. It is also very useful for feeding the liver and kidneys and also relieves their strain.
  • Lycium barbarum (Goji berry) Lycium barbarum or as it is known in Germany, the Goji berry, has antioxidant effects and fights free radicals. It helps to reduce cell damage and associated health problems. The Goji berry is also successfully used against all kinds of diseases and disorders, as has been proven in scientific studies. It was and is used successfully in the fight against high blood sugar.

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Diamelin Application

The application is very simple. One must take only 2 x daily 2 capsules before the meal with plentifully water.

DiaRemedium Application

Diaremedium ApplicationFor the application of first the foot Diaremedium is cleaned and well dried. The package is then removed and the protective film removed. The plaster is glued to the sole of the foot. There should be at least eight hours on three to four days each. After the Diaremedium plaster has been removed, the application area is cleaned with warm water. The duration of application is 24 days.

The active ingredients should penetrate into the skin from the sole of the foot and be absorbed by the blood, after which the plaster should be massaged into the skin for one to two minutes so that the active ingredients penetrate better into the skin. Two to three treatment cycles are to be carried out to achieve a good effect on the blood sugar level.

The use of Diaremedium is cumbersome and unsuitable for diabetics, since a diabetic foot is a frequent complication of diabetes mellitus. Due to the high blood sugar, blood vessels and nerve tracts are damaged and wounds often develop on the foot which can become infected. This infection can be further aggravated by the application of a Diaremedium patch.

In addition, people with diabetes suffer more frequently from joint problems and applying the Diaremedium patch can become an ordeal for them. You must position the foot so that it can be glued to the sole of the foot. And then stay in this position to massage the active ingredients into the sole of the foot.

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Any Diamelin side effects?

There are no known side effects with this product.

Where can I Diaremedium buy?

Unfortunately it was not possible to determine who the manufacturer of Diaremedium is and where the product can be purchased. It seems as if Diaremedium the market has been taken off the whole of Europe.

Diamelin can be ordered conveniently and securely via Amazon and directly from the manufacturer.

Click here to go to the Amazon product page!


Experience Diaremedium and Diamelin

We Diaremedium couldn’t find any real people testimonials for them.

We Diamelin found the following statements from real customers:

Diamelin *I’ve been using Diamelin Complex for about 10 weeks and I’m more than thrilled! I’m doing very well with it and I don’t want to miss it anymore! The shipping is also fast! Keep it up!

*Even without diabetes, I Diamelin take it and I feel extremely good about it. Can generally only recommend it for general well-being!

*Top product my values have improved significantly and I feel good. I will definitely take it further.

*After only four weeks in which I Diamelin ingest, I can already see the first positive results of the effect, the diabetes levels for the third quarter of 2018 (recorded on 13.8.18) are the best values this year! I also feel very good about my personal feelings and I can take the capsules very well. I’m already curious about the results in November and then report again.

What can be Diaremedium used for?

The Diaremedium patch promises to regulate the hormonal balance in the body. To strengthen the walls of blood vessels and help normalize blood pressure and strengthen the heart. The active ingredients in the drug are said to help lower cholesterol levels.
For the actual effectiveness of there Diaremedium is no evidence whatsoever.

Our rating winner

Our rating winner is called Diamelin!


The product Diamelin is an opportunity for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes without having to completely change their diet and forever do without sugar. The natural herbal ingredients of the product bring about many positive health benefits in the human organism, especially that the blood sugar value is lowered without the dangerous effects of chemically produced drugs.

Here more information about our rating winner!

  • Quality
  • Effect
  • Ingredients
  • Price
  • Application


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