Foodspring products

Foodspring productsAt Foodspring you will find a large selection of products in the categories:

  • proteins
  • supplements
  • Nuts and berries
  • Snacks & Bars
  • Muesli / Porridge
  • Super Food
  • drink
  • protein bread
  • Smart Cooking (phonetic: smart cucking)
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In the range of Whey, Vegan and 3 K Protein you will Foodspring find innovative foods and snacks such as the organic protein, the protein porridge, the gluten-free protein bread, various drinks and fitness bars such as the Energy or the protein bar.

Spread is available in the form of protein cream. Special dietary supplements such as various amino products, simple L-glutamine or BCAA capsules are also available in the range. You will find everything to make your diet, training or workout easier and more bearable.

Products from Foodspring in detail

In the following we would like to introduce some of our products in more detail and show you which composition they have and whether the products make sense for you.

Foodspring Shape Shake

Foodspring Shape Shake This Foodspring Shape Shake is a particularly popular product of the company, which is very often bought. It is a multi-component protein powder which additionally contains inulin and L-carnitine. The protein source is a concentrate of whey protein and calcium caseinate, which according to the manufacturer was obtained from genuine pasture milk. Per portion (30 grams of powder) you get, depending on the variety, 20 to 22 grams of protein with only about 110 kcal. This should be an optimal snack between meals. This portion is not suitable as a substitute for a meal.

Inulin, 9.9 percent of which is contained in the neutral Shape Shake variant, serves as high-quality dietary fibre. Inulin is found in chicory and Jerusalem artichoke. It has a positive effect on the intestinal flora and stimulates digestion. The recommended daily dosage is 3 to 5 grams and a Shape Shake contains 2.8 to 3 grams depending on the variety.

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L-carnitine from the raw material carnipure is 0.3 percent tartrate in the shape shake. Carnipure is a strictly tested brand raw material. Carnitine has a positive effect on the energy balance and on the metabolism of nutrients. Natural flavours were added to the Shape Shake to improve the taste, coconut flakes were even added to Cocos Crisps.

The sweetness comes instead of sugar from the sweetener stevioglykoside. Xanthan gum and sunflower lecithin ensure the creamy consistency of the drink.

vegan protein

Foodspring vegan proteinIf you want to avoid animal products completely, the Vegan Protein is the right choice. It consists of different vegetable protein sources and therefore has a better bioavailability than other vegan protein powders consisting of a single protein source. Vegan protein is available in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and neutral flavours. The protein content is between 68, 8 and 78 grams, depending on the variety.

The composition is clearly defined and consists of high-quality ingredients, partly from controlled organic cultivation. The protein sources are pea protein isolate, rice protein concentrate, hemp protein powder and sunflower protein. In addition there are natural flavours and stevioglycosides as sweeteners.

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Energy Amino

Foodspring Energy AminoDietary supplements with amino acids protect the muscles and improve regeneration. The Energy Aminos do not consist of pure EAAs (essential) or BCAAs (three special branched chain amino acids), but a mixture of amino acids and Pre Workout Booster.

They contain L citrulline and arginine, which promote blood circulation, as well as beta alanine, which increases performance. If taken regularly, Beta Alanine can delay muscle hyperacidity and thus prevent muscle fatigue. L Citrulline and L-Arginine increase the nitrogen concentration in the blood and dilate the vessels. This provides the muscles with a better supply of nutrients, which stimulates the build-up of muscles. The metabolic products are also better removed.

There are three more of the eight essential amino acids contained in Energy Aminos, namely the group of BCAAs such as L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine in a ratio of 2 : 1 : 1, which is the optimal ratio.

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It also contains piperine in the form of pepper extract, which improves the bioavailability of substances. And for more energy it also contains caffeine. The dosage of the composition is chosen in such a way that the substances can develop their effect sufficiently.

Protein Bar and Energy Bar

Foodspring Protein Bar and Energy BarA protein bar or energy bar should always be available for nutrition-conscious people and athletes as a snack in between. Therefore also Foodspring this has in the offer. The protein bar consists mainly of protein and contains 20 grams per serving. The Energy Bar consists of 20 grams of carbohydrates per serving.

The Energy Bar also contains guarana and 50 mg caffeine. The ingredients are all certified organic, from nuts and fruit pieces to guarana powder.

The ingredients of the Protein Bar are 100% organic and purely natural. The protein mixture consists of whey protein and milk protein from pasture milk from pasture cows, which were fed purely vegetable.

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Chocolate drops, cocoa nibs, strawberry pieces or mango flakes give the taste. The ingredients of the protein Foodspring bar are 100% organic without artificial additives and very high quality. The protein mixture contains only whey protein and milk protein from the pasture milk of purely plant-fed pasture cows and no collagen. Only natural ingredients are included. Chocolate drops, cocoa nibs, strawberry pieces or mango flakes provide the flavour.

With the flavor
Mango Milkshake you’ll find a very pleasant, natural mango smell. The bar is very airy and not firm and sticky like other bars. The bar tastes very natural of mango. The
Strawberry Yogurt Bar is also airy and soft. In the bar you will find small pieces of strawberry, which makes the taste natural and tasty.
Hazelnut Cream Bar tastes very natural. It’s a little harder, but still pleasant to bite. The
Chocolate Brownie Bar tastes strongly of chocolate. The bar contains small pieces of almond. That gives him a certain bite.

Protein Bar extra At the Protein Bar extra, crunchy peanuts, crispy coconut flakes or velvety caramel and a coat of milk chocolate ensure a healthy snack. The bar has no added sugar and only half as many calories as a normal bar. However, it contains more protein and valuable fiber. It is available in three varieties.

Foodspring protein cream

Foodspring protein creamThis cream has a good taste and is delicious as a spread on bread. It contains maltitol and whey protein concentrate. Maltitol is a sugar substitute. It is metabolized slowly and has the advantage that it can be broken down without insulin. In addition, it has fewer calories than sugar, namely only 2.4 kcal per gram. The cream also contains sunflower oil and high-quality cocoa butter and coconut oil. Natural vanilla and genuine, low-fat cocoa powder were used for the aroma.

The cream is easy to spread on the bread. She’s creamier than Nutella. The taste is very natural and less sweet. The natural vanilla aroma can be clearly tasted. Also the hazelnut taste is very balanced.

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However, the protein cream should also be taken with caution, as it still contains a lot of fat despite all the reductions and has almost as many calories as Nutella, namely 519 for the cream and 539 for Nutella.

Foodspring Protein porridge and muesli

Foodspring Protein porridge and muesli Foodspring Porridge is becoming more and more popular because it is particularly tasty and easy to prepare. It is available in four flavours: apple-cinnamon, wild berry, vanilla and chocolate. All varieties have organic certification.

The main ingredient of the porride is de-oiled soy semolina from German organic farming. Whole milk powder, oat flakes, soya flour, cane sugar, natural flavouring, guar gum as thickener, natural flavouring and freeze-dried pieces of apples, strawberries or currants or chocolate complete the porridge. The porridge has just 237 kcal on 60 grams and is therefore absolutely suitable as breakfast for a diet.

The organic muesli protein Foodspring consists of 27 percent soy flake. The sweetness comes from real fruits without added sugar. The muesli comes in organic quality from a family farm on Lake Constance.

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Why should I buy Foodspring products?

Food is as varied as the sand on the sea or the stars in the sky. However, the manufacturer Foodspring ‘s aim is to get the most out of a food, fill a possible whitespace and create a match from different ingredients. The Super Food Goji berry, for example, has seven times as much vitamin C as oranges and coconut oil is much more heat resistant than olive oil. This was recognized by the makers of the Foodspring products. For example, vacuum drying preserves 70 percent of the vitamins in their Crunchy Fruits (phonetic: kranchi fruts).
raw materialsThe raw materials that the company Foodspring processes are one hundred percent natural. The milk comes from grazing cows, which spend most of the year on the pasture and eat only natural, vegetable fodder. All other products come from natural sources and are of organic quality.

The Foodspring products are designed to make your life easier. They can be prepared to save time. This will make it easier to set up a healthy nutrition plan and integrate it into your training plan.

To make sure that your products also taste good, processes have been developed to give them more flavour, because food should also be a pleasure to eat. So soy is de-oiled to avoid the typical soy taste. Fruits are gently dried in a vacuum to preserve their aroma. Peanuts are processed into peanut butter without additives.

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Through its research, the company fills Foodspring every whitespace and finds a match for the various components. The aim is to ensure that the resulting foods have fewer calories and carbohydrates than comparable foods. They are often suitable for vegans and vegetarians and are gluten-free and lactose-free. There is a high degree of transparency with regard to the ingredients of the Foodspring products. During production and processing, no artificial, harmful or unhealthy ingredients are used. Even with packaging, Foodspring emphasis is placed on quality and sustainability.

Foodspring body check With his
free body check the company offers a unique service by helping you to find the product package for your individual needs, whether you want to lose weight or achieve muscle building or muscle maintenance. All you have to do in the test is answer a few questions about yourself, your diet, your exercise profile and your expectations, and a suitable package will be put together for you that will normally last for a month.

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This saves you the time to struggle your way through the jungle of nutritional supplements. Usually a nutrition plan and a training plan are provided.

What are the advantages of Foodspring products?

  • The products are of good quality and 96 percent are produced in Germany.
  • They are either Bio, ISO or HACCP certified or exceed these standards.

Foodspring advantages

  • All substances contained are of excellent quality and have a high content of BCAA in Whey.
  • Packaging and production are carried out in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • The Foodspring products are shipped quickly and free of charge.
  • The company offers a competent and reliable service and assistance.
  • The products can be used for weight loss, muscle building and muscle maintenance.

Foodspring effect

What do Foodspring products do? Whey products have a high content of amino acids and proteins. Whey serves to promote muscle building. Whey gives energy and strength during workout and training.

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effectThe Shape Shakes of Foodspring have a high protein content, inhibit the hunger feeling and promote the preservation of muscles. The Fatburner provides for an effective weight loss. It stimulates the metabolism and increases the energy supply. There are not only Foodspring products for building muscle or losing weight, but also health products that are developed by the company according to the latest scientific findings.

Bioavailability is important here. Great importance is also attached to the quality of the raw materials, so that the vitality can be improved by the products.

The Daily Vitamins, for example, which contain all the important vitamins, minerals, trace elements and omega 3, ensure vitality. But also the natural antioxidant powder of the Super Food blends, vegan proteins and goji berries are very beneficial for health. The All Day Cleanse top teas with turmeric, moringa leaves and lemon grass ensure a very good feeling of well-being, as do the protein porridge packages and the organic quality white chia seeds.
The raw materials used for the health products come from all over the world from regions that are natural and still untouched. But raw materials from Germany are also used for the products.

Are there disadvantages of Foodspring products?

One disadvantage of the products is their somewhat high price, which is compensated by the excellent quality of the products. The second disadvantage is the small selection of products, as only the private label is offered for sale. But the assortment is constantly expanded and new products are added.

Foodspring -Special packages and service

If you don’t yet know exactly what you need for a particular goal, the manufacturer has put together complete packages, such as the basic package for acceptance. Besides a Shape Shake it contains L-Carnitine and Chia seeds. In the professional version it also contains coconut oil, an amino product and protein porridge. There is also a package for muscle building, endurance training or simply for a healthy diet. The online shop is more than just a shop for protein products, amino or shakes. In addition to the product packages mentioned above, the shop offers guides on how you can achieve your goals. For example, with the Pro acceptance package, you receive a comprehensive guide worth 30 euros free of charge. He should help you to your dream figure. It contains a 12-week plan with recipe proposals and workouts. The same applies to the Muscle Building Package Pro.

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On the homepage of the manufacturer you will also find a lot of recipe suggestions, nutrition plans for different goals, product guides and also a calorie calculator and a digital body coach.

Foodspring experiences

experiencesAre there already experiences of people who consume Foodspring products? Amazon has received 155 customer reviews for Whey protein powder. Customers awarded Whey protein powder 4.1 out of five stars. The customers awarded 4.2 stars for medicine, 4.0 stars for gluten-free recipes, 4.0 stars for baking, 4.1 stars for sports and fitness, and 4.1 stars for vegan recipes, according to areas of interest. Most customers found the product Foodspring ideal for muscle building. They liked it delicious and they were totally satisfied. The Foodspring Shape Shake received 223 customer reviews with 3.8 out of 5 stars. The medical interest group received 3.9 stars, baking 3.6 stars, sports and fitness 3.7 stars, coffee 3.5 stars and chocolate 3.0 stars. For the vegan protein there were 68 customer reviews with 3.5 out of 5 stars. The interest group vegan recipes awarded 3.5 stars, vegetarian cuisine 3.5 stars, gluten-free recipes 3.3 stars and medicine 3.4 stars.

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There are also many positive comments on the Facebook Foodspring page. In the community, the Foodspring products were even rated very positively by an expert. Most customers are positive about Foodspring their unique, convenient concept with ready-made packages, friendly customer service and first class nutrition for training and workouts, as well as the extremely figure-friendly weight loss products. At Trusted Shops, the online shop was rated “very good” by over 1,000 customers. Many products also received consistently positive ratings. achieved 4.8 out of 5 stars in the areas of product quality, delivery and customer service.

The company Foodspring

Foodspring productsThe company was founded in 2013 under the name in Berlin, Germany, and was then renamed phonetic Foodspring fudspring in 2016. The focus of the company is the production of high-quality sports nutrition for training and workouts. It is distributed via its own online shop in Germany.
The manufacturer places the highest value on the quality of his products. They are made exclusively from raw materials that are produced under natural conditions and do not come into contact with any chemicals.

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Whenever possible, the manufacturer Foodspring uses products from the region. The majority of the products, namely 96 percent, are manufactured in Germany in order to guarantee or even exceed the highest quality standards for foodstuffs such as HACCP, ISO or BIO. Only a few products are produced because of the tradition in the respective country of origin. Whey Protein is made exclusively with milk from grazing cows that have been fed 100 percent purely vegetable and natural. The feed for the grazing cows and any other food from Foodspring the grazing cows must not contain any artificial additives. The company is constantly working on the further development of its products. The company is working to fill every whitespace and create a match from different components, leading to new, innovative products time and time again. According to the manufacturer, you receive a quality promise with every product of the company, because it does not make any compromises in the quality of the raw materials and in the production.

bottom line

The products of the company Foodspring are high-quality premium sports nutrition, which makes every workout better and contributes greatly to fitness, and nutritional supplements in the form of capsules. Many of the products can be used in recipes for a diet plan or drink that are for your figure’s sake, sugar and calories are reduced. The Foodspring products are of high quality and consist of healthy natural ingredients that have been produced and processed in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. It shall not contain any artificial additives. This also applies to the packaging. Many of the products are vegan, gluten-free and contain fewer calories and carbohydrates than comparable products. Despite the somewhat high prices, Foodspring products can be recommended thanks to their very good quality.

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