Fresh Fingers

In the following we take a closer look at the spray Fresh Fingers against nail fungus.


Fresh Fingers

The Fresh Fingersspray is sprayed onto the areas affected by nail fungus. This has the advantage that the hands have no contact with the infected areas and the pathogen has no chance to spread further. The handy spray bottle facilitates dosage. Thus, the antinail fungus solution can be very easily applied to the toenails or fingernails. In order to achieve an optimal effect, the spray should be applied at least twice a day. The feet should be washed and thoroughly dried before applying the Fresh Fingersspray.

Fresh Fingers mode of action

FreshFingers is an effective and simple help against nail fungus. The spray is used to cure the sources of infection and the inflamed skin. The cause of the nail fungus infection is eliminated. This leads to the renewal of healthy tissue and the nails look attractive and beautiful again. The unpleasant itching, which occurs very frequently in fungal diseases, is alleviated and disappears. also has a prophylactic Fresh Fingerseffect against new mycotic infections.
Fresh Fingers against nail fungus
Unfortunately, a nail fungus disease is very often recognized very late. Because a nail fungus is not noticeable for a very long time, the symptoms are difficult to interpret. At the beginning of the onychomycosis (nail fungus infection) in most cases only a single nail is diseased. If the nail fungus infection remains untreated, it will gradually spread to the still healthy nails. Typical attack surfaces for nail fungi are the nail edges and the front cutting edges, because the fungus can nest here particularly easily. Therefore, the first nail fungus symptoms usually appear at these places. In the beginning, slight white to yellowish spots or discolorations appear on the edge of the nail.

Fresh Fingers against athlete's footThe infection then spreads to the middle of the nail and towards the root of the nail. There are now brown gray or yellowish white spots on the nail plate to recognize. The further the infection progresses, the more the fungus nests in the nail bed and the nail plate. At the end it attacks the nail root. A pure athlete’s foot, on the other hand, is clearly noticeable through itching, redness, scaling skin, weeping spots or the formation of blisters!

Symptoms of nail fungus:

  • The feet or fingernails appear dull and dull.
  • The nails are brittle and usually yellowish discolored.
  • There are white spots on the skin surface and the toenails or fingernails.
  • The nail plate has a crumbly structure and the nails break off easily.
  • The nails are often ingrown at the corners.
  • The nail bed and the layers of the toenails are colored reddish.
  • In the chronic phase, the nail attacked by the fungus turns deep brown and becomes thicker.

Fresh Fingers constituents

The anti-fungal agent consists of a combination of fungicidal, antifungal and fungistatic ingredients.

Climbazole: Climbazole prevents the growth of fungi and eliminates itching. It has a destructive effect on trapped mycoses and also blocks the development of new fungal pathogens.
Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil cools the skin of the feet and provides a pleasant scent. In addition, the oil throttles the growth of fungal infestation, attacks the fungal cells and has a positive effect on skin health.
Farnesol: Farnesol blocks the sweat glands and removes pathogens and bacteria. This avoids the smell of bad sweat.
Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. It loosens skin flakes, promotes wound healing and moisturises

Side effects

Fresh Fingers side effectsHave patients experienced any Fresh Fingersside effects after the application of the drug? There are Fresh Fingersno known side effects.


Here are the main advantages of the product:
Fresh Fingers advantages It absorbs into the fungus-infested area: the product thus does an excellent job and eliminates the problem at the root. After the application of skin and nails Fresh Fingersbecome healthier. Since the anti-fungal agent can be sprayed directly onto the affected areas, it destroys the fungus where it is present and does not attack surrounding, healthy areas of the body. When all fungi and spores are destroyed, the skin begins to heal and a clear improvement of the skin and nail surface can be observed. Fresh Fingersprevents future fungal infections: The main advantages of this product are that it even helps to prevent future fungal infections. The ingredients contained in the formula act as a protective barrier, preserving the freshness, purity and appearance of the skin and nails. Fresh Fingersreduces excessive sweating: The risk of infection is reduced and the feet are kept fresh and clean throughout the day. The product works well against stuck mycoses and promotes fresh, clean skin and beautiful nails.

Fresh Fingers experiences

Fresh Fingers experiencesHere are a few excerpts from FreshFingers 2019 experience reports. Jessica from Wilhelmshaven writes on 03. April 2019:
I have been using FreshFingers for two weeks, today is the sixteenth day and the result is great! I tried many other things before and almost poisoned myself with antifungal drugs, but my nails remained unchanged. I can’t put it into words how good I felt when the healing started!

Jakob from Bamberg writes on 13.April 2019
I bought it because I had a mushroom. I suffered for a long time and I was really tired of it. After a few weeks of use, everything is gone.

Niko from Frankfurt writes on 03.April 2019
When I started using the spray, I didn’t really expect much. I am very glad that all my problems with the feet and the nails are solved and the mushroom is defeated! Fresh Fingers was tested in Toronto in 2013. The group of test subjects consisted of men and women between 25 and 78 years of age. The test was carried out both on the feet and on the hands in the event of fungal infestation. The test persons showed clear improvements in the affected areas within a short period of time. After 14 days, the test subjects were freed from the fungus.

Where to Fresh Fingers buy

Fresh Fingers can be purchased throughout Europe through the manufacturer’s country-specific website and on Ebay. Note: We recommend buying directly from the manufacturer, because only then it is guaranteed that it is the original FreshFingers product. The current price is 49 Euro (as of 18.04.2019).
Very often you get the spray on the manufacturer side at a discount of 50%!

Fresh Fingers effect Fresh Fingers effect

  • Inhibits fungal growth on feet and nails
  • Protects against reinfection
  • Stops itching and burning on the skin
  • Reduces foot perspiration and eliminates unpleasant odours
  • Destroys bacteria
  • Makes the skin soft and supple
  • Cooling effect
  • Provides a pleasant fragrance


Fresh Fingers is an absolutely effective and safe means of eliminating mycoses in adults and children.
Very few products offer such a fast and effective solution against the fungus. The first noticeable effects appear already after 1-2 weeks. The pain and the unpleasant smell are gone. Thanks to the product, you can care for your nails in the right way and completely remove the fungus from your toes, under your skin and nails. The product has helped many men and women.

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