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The preparation Onycosolve is a sprayable solution against nail fungus on toenails and fingernails. Onycosolve is well known, but is by no means the best solution against annoying fungus on the nails. On the market there is a much more effective Product against nail fungus, which is called ClearFungan!

Which remedy best helps against nail fungus?

Large product comparison – Onycosolve or ClearFungan?

In our product comparison ClearFungan clearly emerged as the winner!

The better alternative


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x Combats the symptoms only
x Very expensive

Helps against nail fungus
Helps prevent itching
Removes the cause of the fungus


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Clearfungan spray against nail fungus

ClearFungan, like Onycosolve, is an antinail fungus spray that can be used as a
Antimycotic works. There are many fungal pathogens that cause mycoses. With the spray you can effectively fight mycoses, even if you do not know which fungal strain causes them.

Thanks to its active ingredients, ClearFungan has a reliable effect and stops the proliferation of dermatophytes as well as nail mould and yeast fungi. The spray has an antibacterial effect and destroys the pathogens so that harmful bacteria can no longer penetrate into the fungus-damaged skin and nail areas. Fungi grow deep into the skin. There, they usually root themselves with a thread netting. The preparation specifically attacks the fungal pathogens. The active ingredients of the Anti Nail Fungus Spray prevent the growth of mycosis pathogens and stop itching. ClearFungan has a destructive effect on existing Myco and blocks the emergence of new offshoots.

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The ClearFungan anti-fungal formula fights 99.9 percent of all relevant pathogens and is much more effective than Onycosolve. It fights the fungus on skin and nails and also destroys fungal spores, bacteria and germs. When ClearFungan has removed the infection residues, skin and nails can regenerate more quickly. Within a short time you get rid of the nail fungus infection.

ClearFungan Effect

Clearfungan effectClearFungan, unlike most other products such as Onycosolve, helps to fight the nail fungus very successfully. The irritated skin and the affected nails are protected from further damage by the antibacterial formula. In this way, the skin and nail cells damaged by the fungus can regenerate safely.

  • The preparation destroys the cause for the growth of fungi.
  • It eliminates 99.9 percent of the relevant pathogens
  • The spray provides for a healthy and cared for skin surface
  • Alleviates the formation of sweat in the affected areas.
  • It is suitable for optimal foot and nail fungus prophylaxis
  • By using healthy the affected areas on feet, hands and nails

Onycosolve does not have this anti-fungal formula and therefore cannot act as fast and cleanly as ClearFungan.

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Further advantages are that this product only contains ingredients that are well tolerated. Even people with various allergies have not shown any side effects. The product is also suitable for diabetics.

Onycosolve effect

Onycosolve effectUnfortunately, our research has shown that the spray is not a miracle cure. Onycosolve is effective purely externally against nail fungus and is not suitable to fight mycosis in a fast way. Those who hope Onycosolve for a quick remedy for nail fungus will be disappointed. Users report that even with an application period of 6 months !!!! and
daily use could not notice any improvement of the nail fungus infestation.

According to the manufacturer, there are Onycosolve no side effects. However, the spray should not be used for known hypersensitivities to one or more of the ingredients.

Anti-fungal and antipruritic agent for the feet

Onycosolve against nail fungus Onycosolve and ClearFungan are sprays to combat nail fungus. Nail fungus is annoying and unpleasant. In addition, in most cases there is a strong itching and sweating of the feet.

Clear-Fungan stops perspiration and relieves itching. In addition, the spray does not only fight the fungal infestation, but also the cause, so that you will have no more problems with nail fungus on skin and nails after the treatment.
The application is extremely simple.
Why is ClearFungan such a popular product when it comes to combating nail fungus?
ClearFungan is so popular with nail fungi because it works so quickly.
The effect on the other Onycosolve hand only occurs after a treatment period of several weeks to several months. The ingredients have a cooling effect. In addition, the type of application is very easy. Immediately after the first treatment on the fungus/nail, the itching is immediately relieved and the skin is nourished with moisture. The use of the spray – should something special be considered when treating the nails? Before you apply preparations such as ClearFungan or Onycosolve on the nails or similar, you should clean them well so that they can work well against the fungus. The nail must be completely dry before use. If the skin is still damp, wait a few more minutes with the treatment.
Then you can simply apply the spray to the mushroom(s) and massage in a little. It is best if you put on a disposable glove which you can dispose of after each treatment so that you do not spread the fungal infestation further. The preparation is quickly absorbed into the nails.

ClearFungan Advantages

What effect can you expect after treatment with Clear-Fungan?
ClearFungan against nail fungus

  • Already after a short time the first improvements can be seen.
  • The spray fights 99.9 of all relevant pathogens and has not only an antimycotic effect, but it also promotes the healing process and regeneration of skin and nail.
  • Made in Germany
  • It has a cooling effect and strengthens the immune system.
  • Diabetics and allergy sufferers may also use the preparation.
  • Also ideal for daily care of fungus-sensitive skin.
  • It offers optimal foot and nail fungus prophylaxis
  • The skin is nourished by the ingredients and their moisture, so that shortly after the first application a more pleasant feeling develops.
  • After the application, the spray stops the itching, sweat production and the onycomycosis pathogen Infestation of nails and feet.
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Onycosolve constituents

What ingredients are contained in the Onycosolve spray, does it count as an antibiotic? Onycosolve consists of the following ingredients and is not an antibiotic.Ingredients: oak bark extract, real sage, angelica medicine, tea tree oil

ClearFungan Ingredients

Clearfungan Ingredients
ClearFungan IngredientsThe product is manufactured on the basis of ECA technology. Products based on this technology are characterized by excellent skin and mucous membrane compatibility. They are pH-neutral, do not cause allergies and do not dry out the skin. ECA products are effective against bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses, even against multi-resistant germs such as MRSA. ECA products are not harmful to humans, animals and plants. They rule out the formation of resistance.

The highly effective solution of the spray is alcohol-free. The preparation does not contain any organic chemistry and is therefore very skin-friendly and can be used indefinitely. The environment is not polluted during production, use or disposal.Ingredients: Aqua, sodium chloride,

Nail fungus studies and prevention

Clearfungan complete set

Which people are frequently affected by nail fungus on the foot? Studies show that most people affected have a weakened immune system, diabetes, overweight or varicose veins.

Taking antibiotics or wearing inferior synthetic clothing can also be a reason.

You’ve been in the sauna or the pool?

Your feet weren’t covered? Also here there is again and again nail fungus, since this likes it moist and warm. Swimming pools and saunas are a good breeding ground for such fungi. When ordering you Clearfungan can get the free nail mushroom preventive guide.

Onycosolve side effects

Have patients experienced any Onycosolve side effects after the application of the drug? There are Onycosolve no known side effects.

Onycosolve appraisal

Unfortunately, our research has shown that Onycosolve no miracle cure against Onycomycose
is. Onycosolve is not suitable to fight mycosis in a fast way. The spray fights only the symptoms and not the source of the fungus infestation!
For this reason, we cannot recommend the preparation to others.

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Where can I buy the product?

The preparation is available online directly from the manufacturer. Here you can inform yourself well and order comfortably from home.

valuation winner

Our rating winner is ClearFungan!

…on the effect of Clear-Fungan on fungal infections

Test winner ClearFungan

The product is considered a favourite among anti-fungal agents. As the remedy does not contain any organic chemicals and consists of purely mineral ingredients, it is very well tolerated and therefore does not cause any side effects. ECA products such as ClearFungan are effective against bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses and against multi-resistant germs.

The effect shows itself very quickly, the annoying nail fungus and unbearable itching disappears.

The product supports the healing of the skin and nails at the foot or at the hand and fights the cause of the fungus infestation and not only the fungi alone.
ClearFungan is a product that permanently stops the fungal infestation. There are many other creams and sprays, but most of them fight the fungus only superficially. This is why the unpleasant nail fungus returns with these products after a few weeks. It’s not antibiotics. Since even dermatologists
Clear Fungan you can trust them. In addition there is the easy handling. The only disadvantage is that you can only order it online.

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  • Quality
  • Effect
  • Ingredients
  • Price
  • Application


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