Why Realquit not be the best choice to quit smoking!

For our product comparison 2019 we have taken 2 products for smoking cessation under the magnifying glass. It is about Realquit and Nikotinex. Nikotinex works in a completely different way than Realquit. Taking the smoking cessation capsules satisfies the physical and emotional needs of nicotine addiction. NIKOTINEX Capsules have an exceptional anti-smoking formula with ingredients precisely tailored to the needs of smokers.

The effect of Nikotinex :

    • The craving for a cigarette stops
    • No ravenous hunger pangs during ingestion
    • Natural detoxification of the body
  • Nikotinex no additional nicotine is added to capsules
  • Composition is purely natural
  • NIKOTINEX Capsules have a very high success rate

The product makes it extremely easy for users to give up smoking. In addition, dreaded ravenous hunger attacks are prevented.

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Realquit Right Nikotinex? – Which product helps better against smoking?

NIKOTINEX leads to better results than the RealQuit magnet!

You want to quit smoking? Then I’m sure you’ve heard of ” RealQUIT “. However, ” RealQUIT ” is not a way out of addiction. These are two magnets worked with gold to reduce the desire for smoke. Many users like Maria, however, write: “Except that my ear hurt from the magnets, nothing happened to me”.

If you nevertheless decide to use ” RealQUIT “, it costs you at best 30 € monthly depending upon source of supply however up to 70 €, besides, most mail order companies for ” RealQUIT ” appear very dubious. If you have tested the product and want to send it back afterwards, you should not expect a friendly customer service, but warnings and threats from collection agencies, customers report. ” RealQUIT ” is a dubious and inoperative product, which is also confirmed by peculiar expert opinions, evidence of which can be found in series on the Internet. You are probably depressed now and wonder how you can stop smoking. For the ” RealQUIT ” there is NIKOTINEX.
NIKOTINEX is other than ” RealQUIT ” a solution.
NIKOTINEX is manufactured in Germany under medical conditions from natural products. Thanks to the natural ingredients parsley, cloves, guarana, ginger, green tea and mate, it is harmless to health and free of side effects. It reduces the desire for smoke after a short period of use, helps against cravings, invigorates body and mind, neutralizes toxins, is 100% nicotine free and is suitable for both men and women. And if you are not satisfied, offer NIKOTINEX the service of a 30 day money back guarantee. NIKOTINEX will improve your life, which many satisfied users can confirm. Trust in the power of natural ingredients and the opinion of experts. Your body will thank you for it.
NIKOTINEX is a TOP product from Germany.

RealQuit the uncomplicated way to not smoke?

Become a non-smokerNo Smoking (Smoking prohibited) Signs in the catering trade and other smoking bans at most workplaces in Germany push smokers further into the corner. The awareness for smoke and health has changed. More and more smokers renounce smoke and
strengthen the position of non-smokers.

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With the
Stop smokingIt’s not easy for a smoker. Many methods of renouncing the habitual smoke fail, because they do not
cause sustainable change in consciousness and just fight the symptoms.

Quit Smoking for better health or quitting smoking for better health is more than a trend today. Any
smoked cigarette endangers your health (health) and the health of your fellow men.

Your friends and acquaintances have given the formerly popular
smoke (Smoke) long since sworn away and
You can do this with Realquit as well.

Realquit effect

Realquit pro Realquit is supposed to help you quit smoking. The manufacturer states that one can
without pressure and fear from a drastic weight gain,
finally smoke-free will be.

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Decide for a
healthier living and quit your nicotine addiction. The way to the non-smoker is half as far as you think.

What’s the matter Realquit?

Realquit is a completely different method of making d
as to make it easier to quit smoking. It makes use of auricular therapy (ear acupuncture) and is intended to help people live a smokeless life without chewing gum, pills or hypnosis. Special
Realquit -Magnets stimulate particular
Reflex points of your ear in this method.

The doctor Paul F. M. Nogier found a total of 20 reflex points within the auricle in the 1950s. Auricular therapy was popular and widespread in Europe in the 19th century. In China, methods of acupuncture have been known for over 2000 years. During the Tang Dynasty, in the years between about 618 and about 907 A.D., acupuncture was the only means of diagnosis and treatment. The Egyptians already knew the effects of acupuncture magnets and their use in medicine about 4000 years ago. They developed special methods of acupuncture to treat addictions and pain.

Reaquit effectDoctor Nogier found out that the reflex points he found in the ear reflect the entire body. By stimulating the individual points you can address your Reward Center and thus improve your
Reducing the craving for cigarettes. With the help of stimulation you can control and change pain and other neurological conditions.

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By inserting acupuncture into the ear, one can
quit smoking without pain and without pressure or great effort.

What is the popularity of Realquit?

It goes a different way than nicotine patches, chewing gum or hypnosis and makes it easier for you to get started.

– It’s supposed to help
To defeat nicotine addiction to finally live smoke-free. – According to manufacturer
takes Realquit the pressure of a cold nicotine withdrawalby not having to stop smoking abruptly. One can continue to consume tobacco in the first few days. – The use of Realquit causes
no pains and acts directly on the reward center by stimulating special reflex points in the ear. – You don’t have to go to therapy centers.
without detriment to pursue a normal life. – Through Realquit you must
no additional toxins like nicotine patches or chewing gum. – The
Recurrence rate proves to be low according to manufacturerbecause Realquit evil takes root and changes the desire for nicotine.

How do I Realquit apply?

Reaquit Anti Smoker MagnetsThe Realquit magnets should be worn on the ear between three and four hours a day. In the first about six to about seven days, during the Reqalquit application, one can still smoke. In this way no neurological pressure develops and the desire for a cigarette decreases within a short time by itself.

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To wear it on the ear, place the smaller magnet on the tip of the index finger and bring it to the outside of the auricle. The larger magnet is picked up with the thumb of the same or the other hand and guided to the inside of the auricle. The two magnets attract each other, attach themselves to the auricle and hold on tightly.

RealQuit should be used at times of the day when you need to
finds peace and relaxation I can put back. When one is relaxed they unfold a more intensive effect.

Within the first seven days
the user decidesfrom which day he will receive the
Smoking stop implemented. After the seventh day Quit is used for about 25 more days.

During the first seven days one can determine according to manufacturer, how the magnet supports one by stimulating. The following about 25 days support the user further and he can notice, how your
craving for cigarettes changes.

What are the advantages Realquit?

The advantages of ear acupuncture with magnets are obvious.

Realquit pro– He can be in the
free time can be applied. – It is not a plaster or chewing gum and
does not interfere with your everyday life. – You can use the
Ear acupuncture independent to perform the – An abrupt cessation of smoking is not necessary and one must
be not suffering from withdrawal symptoms. – By stimulating and
rearrange the reward centerthe desire for cigarettes changes.

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– During the first seven days everyone can decide for themselves which cigarette is your last one. – Using it for more than 25 days will not lead to a new habituation and will not cause a new addiction. – The ear acupuncture causes no damage to health. – The ear acupuncture shows no known side effects on. – The use of auriculotherapy prepares the body for no pains. – Acupuncture Can Be Used For Other Diseases helpful to the page stand. – The Realquit magnets can be easy to apply and use the ear acupuncture with them.- – As a bioactive material, it can Changing the craving for nicotine sustainably. – The 24 carat gold plated Realquit -magnets are well tolerated. – You need no extra time to have a hypnosis performed.


What are the disadvantages of magnetic auricular therapy?

The health insurance companies do not cover the costs of this therapy and Quit can only be obtained online.

People with implants such as pacemakers, insulin pumps and/or other medical devices are not recommended to use magnetic therapy. An impairment of these devices during the use of the Realquit magnets cannot be ruled out.

Pregnant women are also not recommended to use ear acupuncture with magnets.

What side effects may I notice from this medicine Realquit?

So far, no side effects have occurred when inserting the RealQuit magnets. Its high-quality 24 carat gold coating prevents the occurrence of allergic skin reactions.

Where can I Realquit buy?

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Realquit you can order on the Internet, on the manufacturer side.

Realquit experiences

Are there already experiences Realquit? According to the manufacturer, approved doctors and physiotherapists like Michael Beck are convinced of the magnets and their effectiveness. They report from different laboratory studies which show a high success rate with a low relapse rate.

As a prerequisite for the success of the therapy they name the high quality of the Realquit magnets. These bioactive magnets stimulate the reward center, which releases endorphins and suppresses the craving for nicotine. According to scientists, this circumstance leads to a persistent, altered behavior. The success rate of the volunteers was more than 93 percent at the end of the studies.

The 24 carat gold coating of the Realquit magnets is helpful against allergic skin reactions.

Users surveyed on the manufacturer side have so far not noticed any negative side effects. They confirm that their journey from smoker to non-smoker took them Realquit no longer than 25 days.

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Users also confirmed that their cravings for nicotine changed and drastically decreased within the first five days using this method. The approximately 20 further days of use of the Realquit magnets served them in many cases only to get used to them. They had to learn to occupy their hands differently.

Stop smokingAfter the end of the approximately 20 days, the users, according to their own statements, no longer lacked the cigarette in their hand. In retrospect, it was easy for them to stop, because the desire was gone by itself.

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The question about beginning to stop was answered by many by saying that this resulted from the decreased desire of oneself.

What does a package cost Realquit?

A pack currently costs 39 euros. The manufacturer offers interesting quantity discounts. These discounts are extremely interesting for groups of friends and groups who want to give up smoking together.

What can I Realquit use it for?

The purpose of the magnets coated with 24 carat gold does not only refer to permanent smoking cessation.

According to the manufacturer, you can do the same:

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– treat aching muscles – use to support a diet – use to relieve menstrual cramps – relieve hay fever – put an alcohol disorder on a healthier path or – combat your insomnia.

In order to treat the various ailments, the magnets should be used to control other, specific reflex points in the ear. Special books provide more detailed information about the respective reflex points in the auricles. The points for quitting smoking can be found in the instructions.

  • Quality
  • Effect
  • Ingredients
  • Price
  • Application


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