What is the effect of Sustafix?

Sustafix The product contains only natural ingredients whose composition ensures effective treatment of joint pain, joint swelling, osteoarthritis, joint inflammation, muscle inflammation and back problems. Pain and swelling of the joints are relieved after just one application. In arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis an improvement can be noticed after only 10 days of use. The inflammations caused by the diseases are removed. The muscles and bones in the back are strengthened.

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What can be Sustafix used for?

The cream is used for joint pain and swelling. After just one treatment, it has a pain-relieving and decongestant effect. Inflammations caused by the disease are removed. Joint mobility is restored, as are cartilage and synovial fluid.

joint painThe active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and thus directly reach the causes of severe pain and inflammation. Blood circulation is effectively influenced and the active ingredients are transported to where they are needed. Inflammations are improved and the pain is eliminated.

This allows the tissue to regenerate again. Better blood circulation ensures that such problems do not recur.

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The application of the natural preparation is simple and safe and does not cause any complications. The causes and symptoms of joint diseases are eliminated. The joints regain their functionality. The pain in the joints, in the cartilage and in the surrounding muscle tissue is alleviated and the possibility of a relapse is completely eliminated.


Only purely natural ingredients are the basis for the Sustafix cream. While many other medicines also contain devil’s claw, this product contains the following natural active ingredients:
Propolis extract
Propolis extractPropolis is a bee product that consists of a mixture of bioactive, resin-based active ingredients. It has a pleasant fragrance and has many healing effects. It has the ability to reduce swelling and relieve pain. It strengthens the veins and dilates the blood vessels. It helps dissolve blood clots. It promotes the healing of the tissue and stimulates the metabolism.
cedar juice
The cedar can live up to 1000 years. The healing effect of cedar juice and devil’s claw has been known for centuries. Cedar juice heals inflammations, improves and strengthens the joints in arthritis or arthrosis. It improves blood circulation and blood vessels and dissolves blood clots.
bee venom
bee venomBee venom has a positive effect on gout and rheumatism. It has a positive effect on swollen joints and inflammations and reduces pain. Muscle cramps are alleviated and blood circulation in blood vessels and tissues is improved.
olive oil
Olive oil protects the body with its antioxidants, vitamins A, E, D, and K against harmful environmental influences. It promotes detoxification in the body. It is absorbed quickly and provides rapid relief for sore muscles and joint pain. It promotes blood circulation and helps the body to absorb the active ingredients better.

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horse chestnut extract
chestnutThe horse chestnut has also been known in folk medicine for centuries, as has the devil’s claw. It strengthens the blood vessels, improves their elasticity and promotes blood circulation. Horse chestnut extract is used against blood clots and inflammations.
wax moth extract
wax moth extractThe alcoholic extract of this butterfly caterpillar has an antibacterial and anti-viral effect. It strengthens the veins in the muscles around the joints and maintains their flexibility so that the joints are sufficiently supplied. The extract also contains vitamins B1, B5 and C. These strengthen the walls of the muscles of the veins and help to regenerate the tissue.


Sustafix Cream offers many benefits for your health:

Sustafix Advantages

  • The treatment with the Sustafix cream is easy to perform and reduces the discomfort very quickly.
  • The pain in the joints, muscles, ligaments, cartilage and tendons is already relieved after the first treatment with the ointment.
  • Inflammations are eliminated, swollen areas are quickly relieved.
  • The product has only natural ingredients.
  • It restores the correct blood circulation in the blood vessels and tissues.
  • It also has a preventive effect against deterioration or progressive restriction of movement.
  • Your musculoskeletal system is strengthened.
  • Sustafix has purely natural active ingredients without any side effects.
  • No other medication or opioids need to be taken for severe joint pain.

Any Sustafix side effects?

Sustafix ApplicationUnless there are intolerances against the ingredients, especially against the bee venom, no side effects should be expected. However, even the dosage of bee venom is not so high that it could cause problems. Natural ingredients ensure that it does not have such bad health consequences as the intake of some other drugs or opioids.

Where to Sustafix buy?

You can buy Sustafix directly from the manufacturer’s website. There you will also constantly find favorable offers for the product.

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Do you already have experience?

The user ratings for the Sustafix cream are consistently positive. The rapid effect was particularly emphasized. The customers were consistently satisfied with the product and recommended it for the most part.

What is the price of Sustafix?

The offers change constantly and it is worthwhile to have a look at the homepage of the manufacturer more often in order to profit from a good offer.

Why is it Sustafix so popular?

Sustafix experiencesAs a result of stress in everyday life, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet, joint diseases and the associated severe pain are on the increase among the population. The quality of life of the affected persons suffers considerably from the complaints. Often even young people suffer from such chronic illnesses. Joint pain is a consequence of arthritis, rheumatism, injuries and fractures. Lifting too heavy, sitting too long and generally little movement can also cause joint pain and back problems. Often swelling can also occur, which causes additional discomfort. Sustafix is a remedy with natural active ingredients that alleviates these ailments after only a few applications.

It is recommended by many patients who have already used it. In Germany a lot of money is spent on beauty, so why not invest a little money in health?

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The Sustafix ointment penetrates deeply into the joint capsules and acts against inflammation. The cartilage damage is repaired by 80 percent. Severe pain and inflammation are relieved and the normal function of the locomotor system is restored. The Sustafix ointment stimulates the production of joint fluid and collagen and prevents the deposition of minerals. In this way, cartilage damage is repaired and the cartilage tissue and bones are protected from harmful processes.

The Sustafix cream alleviates the inflammations to one hundred percent. It also relieves pain and swelling one hundred percent. It suppresses 93 percent of the symptoms of diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. The joint structures are strengthened by 97 percent. In zero percent of the cases a deformation of the tissue occurred. Also the disease condition has not worsened in any of the patients. A relapse or recurrence of the disease was also not reported by any of the patients and all participants warmly recommended the drug. The ointment is easy to apply, non-greasy and quickly absorbed. Already after one treatment it alleviates the discomfort.


Since many users have Sustafix recommended the product and most have praised the rapid relief of their symptoms, the product is highly recommended for people suffering from joint disease. Joint pain, problems with the bones and already existing cartilage damage are alleviated in a short time without taking any medication or opioids.

The purely natural active ingredients of this Sustafix product stimulate the regeneration of cartilage, synovial fluid and collagen.

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