Vibro Shaper

Vibro Shaper Advantages, benefits and more…

Vibro Shaper Advantages, experiences and more…

best Vibro Shaper Vibration therapy is not an invention of modern times. Athletes and celebrities, however, have only recognized the advantages of vibration plates for a few years. A better known model is the Vibro Shaper. On the outside, most vibrating plates are similar, while they differ greatly in function and handling. This Vibro Shaper is a more recent model, which is examined in more detail in this guide.

You will find out what this fitness equipment can do, how it works and whether it delivers what the manufacturer promises.

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What is a Vibro Shaper?

Vibro Shaper testIt Vibro Shaper is a device that gives the body muscles a fast vibration training by stimulating the contraction and relaxation of the muscles through movements. This Vibro Shaper causes the muscle fibres to contract for about once or twice a second. When you Vibro Shaper stand on it, its movements cause an automatic reflex muscle contraction of 30-50 times per second. The manufacturer promises to save Vibro Shaper a lot of time because the vibration training is effective and many muscle groups are activated at the same time. It is also reported that as little as 10 minutes on this plate gives the same results as 60 minutes of conventional strenuous strength training.

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The history of vibration therapy

History of theVibration therapy is not new. The idea has existed since the ancient Greeks wrote about it in the time of Hippocrates. There was a brief resurgence in Michigan in the 1890s when Dr. John H. Kellogg began to use vibrating chairs, bars and platforms to treat patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions. The history of modern vibration therapy began in the 1960s in Germany. Dr. William Biermann began to experiment with cycloids (three-dimensional) movements for trunk flexion. His published results were noticed by Dr. Vladimir Nassarov, who developed a vibration therapy by biomechanical stimulation. This was accepted by the Soviet Union for cosmonauts carrying out a space mission. The Soviet Union found that vibration therapy prevents bone and muscle loss during space flights.

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When the Soviet Union collapsed, the vibration spread to the West and the technology was quickly adopted by the European Space Agency and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Thanks to the sudden availability of this technology, a number of devices came onto the market. This included the infamous vibration belt of the 1970s, which claimed to “shake off the fat”. The biggest breakthrough came in 1996, when a vibration device designed by Germany came onto the market. This used a side-by-side alternating vibration and thus caused increased muscle stimulation, growth and development. This device served as a model for the later vibration devices and was popular with many.

How does a Vibro Shaper?

Vibro Shaper functionThe function of such a Vibro Shaper vibration plate is quite simple. The whole body vibration is normally implemented by using a vibration platform. You can use a passive posture on the platform (e.g. standing, sitting, etc.) or an active posture (e.g. knee bends, push-ups, biceps curls with additional resistance belts, etc.). Since the frequency of the Vibro Shaper vibration plate is particularly high, this causes the body to vibrate, which in turn causes the muscles to contract and stretch. This happens so that the body can keep its balance. These are natural reflexes that cannot be controlled and occur automatically. Depending on how high your fitness level is, adjust both the frequency and duration for which you want to use the vibration plate. However, it is not recommended to train more than three times a week and for no longer than 15 minutes on or with the vibration plate. You will Vibro Shaper find further instructions in the manual of the device.

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The technology behind the vibration function

Vibro Shaper vibration functionThe vibrations are generated by motors below the platform and transmitted to the user of the machine. The different frequency, amplitude and direction in which the vibration platform moves determines the intensity and the results you achieve. During whole-body vibration, the muscle fibers are stimulated by the destabilizing effect on the user as soon as he steps on the vibration platform. In order to restore the loss of balance, the muscle fibers are tensed throughout the body. Depending on the posture you adopt on the plate, the muscle fibers around the affected joints are stretched and stimulated.

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These are picked up by muscle spindles (sensory receptors in muscle fibers) that send the signal to the central nervous system and brain, and from the brain back to the spinal cord, so you instinctively contract your muscle fibers throughout your body to balance them. Due to the involuntary nature of muscle contractions and the higher frequency with which these muscle contractions occur on the vibration trainer, more muscle fibers are activated than in conventional conscious training, which increases overall muscle activity and shortens the time it takes to achieve results.

What has to be considered during the vibration training?

Vibro Shaper vibration trainingThe best way to train is to gradually increase the frequency. Beginners are advised to start with nine minutes of the resistance program followed by nine minutes of the stretching, massage and relaxation program.

The right position In order to develop strength, muscle mass and definition, it is important to take a position that tightens the muscle fibers. For example, if you are standing in a knee-bend position, leave your knees bent as if you were sitting on a chair. Although everyone is different, it is usually sufficient to perform each exercise for no more than 30 – 60 seconds. Also try to choose a combination of compound Vibro Shaper exercises (such as knee bends and push-ups that require more than one muscle group) and isolation exercises (biceps curls and frontraises). You get a better training response and increase the potential calorie burn.

No overexertion It is especially important that you do Vibro Shaper not overexert yourself with vibration training. Although this device is intended for intensive training, it is important that you do not strain your muscles with too intensive or too frequent vibration training. As with any other fitness workout, it is also important that your body is relaxed. Do not start training more than three times a week and then increase training if necessary. Since the weight is Vibroshaper constantly stored on the feet, it is also important that you do not overexert them additionally by jogging.

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The right attitude It is also important that the device is adjusted correctly. The type and strength of Vibro Shaper training can have certain effects on muscles and feet. If you misuse the plate or exaggerate it when adjusting the strength, this can lead to overexertion and cause pain.

The advantages and disadvantages of a Vibro Shaper s

Vibro Shaper advantagesOne of the first reasons why people like to train on a vibration plate is that, unlike conventional exercise, this form of training is a low-stress activity that requires less effort and is also suitable for those who are not in top form. The training intensity can be varied and adjusted for different fitness levels. All this leads to better control and greater versatility, not to mention the vibrations that contract the muscle fibers and relax much faster compared to classic workouts. This is due to the increased acceleration (gravity) and explains why whole body vibration training is considered a safe and effective substitute for traditional strength exercises. Another positive aspect of it Vibro Shaper is that it can help in relieving symptoms of various diseases from diabetes to neurological disorders. The movements force your body to work harder to maintain balance and stability. Therefore, the muscles in your back, abdomen and pelvis become stronger over time and you get a more stable upper body.

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Despite the many positive aspects, the vibration plate is still not suitable for everyone. For example, the Vibro Shaper , as well as any other, is not safe for people with gallstones or kidney stones and should not be used by people with recent implants or surgery. Vibration training should also not be performed by pregnant women. Although a vibration plate is priced higher than comparable fitness equipment, it has a broader benefit and a higher effect. Another positive aspect is that it Vibro-Shaper supports hormone production. This renews and repairs the cells. Also the blood circulation of bone tissue as well as muscle fibers can be Vibro-Shaper improved with this. In addition, vibration therapy ensures that lymph nodes are drained more quickly and effectively. This will also increase the metabolism. Finally, there is an increase in strength, flexibility, endurance and speed. This makes the overall training high quality and more efficient, without the need for more time or effort.

Effective against cellulite
Anti CelluliteAccording to a study by a specialist clinic for skin diseases and allergology in Germany, a six-month vibration training on a vibrating plate without additional diet was able to reduce cellulite in the buttocks and thighs by 32.3%. The reason for this is simply that cellulite is caused by fat that I find under the skin. As Vibro Shaper a training device, it ensures a loss of weight and thus a reduction of fat, cellulite is also automatically reduced. In order to really provide for a fat reduction, it is important, whether with diet or not, the training on which takes place Vibro Shaper regularly and also the training time is sufficiently long. Even if the original is more Vibro Shaper gentle on the bones and ligaments, this device should still be treated like any other training device in terms of training time and should therefore not be overtrained.

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The advantage of the shaper, however, is that it can be set up non-slip and is therefore particularly suitable for very overweight people. If the underside is slip-resistant, the shaper itself can be set to the highest intensity level, and it still remains safely in place. In addition, it can be purchased Vibroshaper almost anywhere, even via Amazon. The advantage of buying via Amazon is that you can also read the customer opinions right away. Due to the high effect of the device and the nevertheless gentle training, even strained ligaments can be relaxed with this vibration trainer.

Summary of all advantages

  • Low stress; less strenuous
  • Adjustable intensity

Vibro Shaper Advantages Summary

  • More versatility
  • Safer and more effective than strength training
  • Alleviates the symptoms of various diseases
  • More stability and balance
  • Provides stronger muscle fibers in back, abdomen and chest
  • The vibrations support the hormone production; provide new and repaired cells
  • Increased blood flow to bone tissue and muscle fibers
  • More power and flexibility; higher speed and endurance
  • Provides a more qualitative and efficient workout
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Is it Vibro Shaper loud?
In general, lower rated vibratory plates are quieter than higher rated vibratory plates. They transmit all vibrations to the ground. The vibration level Vibroshaper can be adjusted manually, which also reduces the volume. In addition, at the lowest vibration level no noise can be perceived at all. However, it depends on where you set up the machine. Depending on the material, this vibration trainer causes more noise on the floor. If the machine is on a wooden floor, you should place a mat or carpet under it to reduce the vibrations that pass through the floor boards.

For whom are Vibro Shaper suitable?

vibration plate Vibro Shaper A vibration disk can be used by anyone regardless of physical condition. At the right frequency, the majority of muscle fibers can be simultaneously tightened by unconscious stretching reflexes. Conventional muscle training always only involves about 45 percent of the muscles. Due to the strain that the body has during vibration therapy with such a rapid effect, the goals, whether weight loss or muscle building can be achieved faster. Although vibration training on a vibration machine can improve balance and muscle strength in older adults, you should Vibroshaper not use it alone to lose weight. Integrate strength training, cardiovascular training and healthy nutrition into your everyday life. Traditional Vibro Shaper exercises have been shown to have health benefits, such as reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, which a vibration plate may not provide.

Since this not Vibroshaper only strengthens the muscles but also improves bone density, athletes also train their muscles with a vibrating plate. The joints are only minimally stressed, while the muscles are intensively trained – ideal for professional athletes.

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Which exercises are possible with an original Vibro Shaper?

Vibro Shaper exercisesThere are different positions that you can hold while using the vibration plate. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you are tightening your muscles while using the plate. Some of the positions you can hold / Vibro Shaper exercises you can try on the vibration plates are:

  • squats
  • plank
  • heel raise
  • push-ups
  • hip elevation
  • hip flexion
  • lunges

How do vibration plates help you lose weight? With proper use, a combination of daily, 10-minute sessions along with proper diet and exercise can really increase the amount of fat you can lose and give you the results you want. The Original Vibro Shaper Vibratory Plate is an uninterruptible platform and allows positioning of a variety of positions without the need for handrails in the way. Its slim design means it takes up very little space in your home, so it can be quickly and easily removed and stowed away. The strong rubber grips offer good support, but are soft to the touch. This makes it much more comfortable to perform plank and seating positions.

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Where can you Vibro Shaper buy one?

Buy Shaper Vibro Shaper can be purchased both in stores and over the Internet. Where you Vibro Shaper ultimately buy it depends entirely on how you feel about it and what you expect from it.

retail purchase If you want to buy it Vibro Shaper in a store, it must be a specialty store, because the device is rarely sold in an ordinary store, such as a supermarket. Such a business should therefore focus specifically on fitness and Vibro Shaper also have other fitness equipment for muscle, chest and legs. But even in such fitness shops , there is no guarantee of a good Vibro Shaper one , since this is just a fitness device for muscle contractions and with oscillation technology , one of many in the store on site.

Buying on the Internet It looks different with the purchase in the Internet. For example, if you want to purchase it Vibro Shaper online, Amazon is an appropriate third-party vendor. Amazon sells this device just like the manufacturer also including remote control. In addition, you can also buy it Vibro Shaper by installment when buying through Amazon. Even if this fitness device is not very expensive, the advantage of paying in installments is that everyone can Vibro Shaper afford it, because it is paid off in installments.

This way to Amazon!

And then you can also buy vibration plate directly from the supplier or another site. Another advantage of buying on the Internet is that you can add accessories or extras directly to your shopping basket, such as a remote control or training straps. While the remote is part of the Vibroshaper s, you often need to purchase the training tapes separately. Training bands help you to make your training even more versatile and to train more intensively by using even more muscle groups.

What is there Vibro Shaper to consider?

As with any other fitness machine, there are Vibro Shaper some questions that need to be clarified before use and some points that need to be considered in order to train safely and effectively.

Is it necessary to wear special equipment when using a vibration plate?
Vibro Shaper gearNo, in most cases you don’t need any special equipment for vibration training Vibro Shaper. A pair of sports shoes, shorts or yoga pants, a comfortable T-shirt are sufficient for this training device, as with any other fitness device. Some prefer to train barefoot or just wear socks. However, this can cause them to slide off the platform and fall down, especially when training at high frequencies without holding on. Training barefoot or wearing shoes with hard and thick soles can cause friction and prevent the correct transmission of vibrations to the body. If you choose one of these solutions, we recommend that you also use a training mat.

Can vibration training cause head damage? In some cases (upper body exercises where your palms are on the platform and your head is facing down or near the machine tower, or exercises where you have to sit on the machine plate) head vibrations may occur. However, these do not cause head damage. However, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a physician before using a vibration plate for vibration training if you suffer from eye or ear problems or a condition that may cause dizziness or balance problems.

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How often do I have to Vibro Shaper train with it? If you can train three times a week, this is great. However, if you only have time for 1 vibration workout per week, it is still better than not training at all. However, you must then expect the results to show up more slowly.

What are the differences between the training form Vibro Shaper and traditional strength exercises? Most vibration exercises are performed in the same way: Lunges, squats, push-ups, crunches. These vibration exercises on a vibration plate require the same form of exercise because we are dealing with the same principles of the human body, legs and chest area. To prevent injuries, you should tense your abdominal muscles and slightly bend your knees. Watch out for vibration exercises where you have to place your palms on the machine or sit on the platform. These should be performed at lower intensities to minimize head vibration.

Customer opinions and experiences regarding the Vibro Shaper

Shaper ExperienceOn the Internet you can find a testimonial from many customers about the Vibroshaper. In such a field report, the training Vibro Shaper programmes and their positive effects are discussed in particular. This fitness machine differs in many ways from other machines. For example, customers praise the possibility of adjustable speeds and intensity levels. According to customer opinions, the remote control is also helpful, as it allows the training Vibro Shaper programs to be carried out even more flexibly with this fitness machine.

Vibro Shaper intensity levels It is possible to adjust the intensity levels as well as the speeds to the personal needs by remote control. Thus this training device can be adapted ideally to the own weight as well as the condition of muscle and bone. Customers are convinced that this and the oscillation technology will make them lose weight even faster with or without a diet plan. Especially those who want to use this vibration plate to strengthen the muscles of the legs, back and chest, regardless of their weight and nutrition plan, will need to adjust the intensity levels and speeds during an exercise with a vibration plate.

Are there alternatives for a Vibro Shaper?

Instead of the original Vibro Shaper s, other vibration plates can also be used. There are also vibration belts. Such a belt uses vibration to train the abdominal muscles. It can also be used to tighten other body parts such as arms, buttocks and thighs. The product is said to stimulate the muscle fibers and help with fat loss and muscle building – similar to the Vibro Shaper.

bottom line

All in all, it shows that it is suitable Vibro Shaper both for weight training and for increasing your own fitness. With regular use and an appropriate nutrition plan, this vibration plate can not only achieve similar results, but also sometimes faster and better results.

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Vibro Shaper
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Vibro Shaper

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